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  • The variety of games is huge, therefore there always will be something to choose from.
  • It is easy to play and does not have complicated rules
  • Slots are exciting and interesting to play.
  • You can play slots any time. There is no need to wait for other players or croupiers.
  • Playing at an online casino, you would not have to wait to play your favorite slot game, whilst the land-based ones might be crowded.
  • The withdrawals can take up more time than expected
  • Even though design-wise online slots are getting better all the time, the atmosphere is not comparable with the one at land-based casinos.

Slots are one of the most iconic casino games ever. The first thing people imagine when thinking about a casino is those machines lined up into large ranks. In the online casino and smartphone casino industry, slots also play a big role. One of these types of games is Starburst, which combines all the best qualities with the latest technology.

The Best Starburst Slot Casino Sites In Ireland

Ireland is a country where people tend to gamble a lot. Although it is still not completely legalized in some provinces. So it is a struggle for some operators to get into this very interesting and promising market. However, people enjoy online gambling anyways and many prefer playing at casinos where the starburst slot is presented. And there is nothing to be surprised about, as starburst has everything a perfect slot game should have. Regular gamblers and sophisticated ones appreciate its design and incredible features.

Introducing NetEnt’s Masterpiece

The slot game of Starburst was developed by the company called NetEnt, and was released back in 2012. The interface of the Starburst slot machine has five reels. Thanks to its excellent visuals and attractive design, the game makes gamblers from all over the world engaged from the very first minutes. At the very beginning, it was possible to play only on your computer, while now the game is adapted for any smartphone. Over the years of the game’s existence, NetEnt managed to win the hearts of millions of players and become one of the most popular on the market. So if you are looking for a well-developed slot game where you can get some wild winnings, Starburst is a no-brainer.

How Do Starburst Slots Work

Anyone can enjoy gambling with the Starburst slot game right now. The concept of the game is very simple, yet cunning. All you need is some amount of money to play. Then, you choose the coin value and the number of lines you want to have. It all can be adjusted through the bottom panel of the game. You will see three main indications: your current cash, a bet, and your winning. If you want to try the game out before playing on your real money, there is always a demo account option.


Starburst offers you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of space.The background is a combination of very bright, but not too much, colors with flying stars and attractive animations. Sound effects make the experience even more enjoyable that suit the theme perfectly: many players described this feeling as otherworldly. You can anytime join for Starburst slot free play and understand why gamblers appreciate the game so much. The software allows all the cool graphics features to run smoothly with no interruptions.



  • 5 = 250
    4 = 200
    3 = 50
  • 5 = 120
    4 = x60
    3 = 25
  • 5 = 1000
    4 = 125
    3 = 20
  • 5 = 60
    4 = 25
    3 = 10
  • 5 = 50
    4 = 20
    3 = 8
  • 5 = 40
    4 = 15
    3 = 7
  • 5 = 25
    4 = 10
    3 = 5
  • 5 = 25
    4 = 10
    3 = 5

The symbols in the game are represented by gems. Among them are emerald, ruby, diamond, sapphire, and amethyst. Besides, you can find the symbol of the number “7”, which in all symbolizes good luck. Combined with a striking design, the symbols look very impressive and have a good animation if you win. You can always count on Starburst slot free spins, which is a great bonus for the newcomers. All the advantages of this game will create an unforgettable experience and the best time to spend at an online casino.


The Starburst free slots game did not have free spins until very recently. But now every player can get them with a deposit and try his luck to hit the jackpot. The game has five reels and three rows. You can also adjust ten lines and your wager.

Bonus Rounds And Free Spins

The game from NetEnt, as it should be, has a cool bonus system. The feature is a wild symbol, which is unique. It can only appear between the reel from two to four. And when it does, the feature is activated. The wild symbol makes the whole reel turn into a Starburst Wild theme and gets you an entirely wild reel. As a reward, it allows you to get free spins while the wild reel is going. By getting free spins you can increase your chances of winning more.


As it was mentioned, the Starburst game has an interface with three rows, five reels, and ten payout lines. If you set all the ten pay-lines, your wager for each cannot be more than 10 pounds, which is equal to 100 pounds per one spin. The game also provides a wider range of winning combinations. There is an option of autoplay if you do not want to click the button manually. And there are many variants for the number of autoplay spins, starting from 10 all the way up to 1000. To promote responsible gambling, Starburst provides an option to stop autoplay at a certain point of win or lose.

Visuals And Sound Effects

NetEnts are the best when it comes to online casino software. In this regard, there is no doubt that the Starburst game has everything you can imagine and more in terms of great visuals and appropriate quality sound effects. After the game was first launched back in 2012, the developers have been optimizing and improving upon the design solutions, graphics, and the overall atmosphere and engagement.


The current game’s return to players is one of the highest in the industry – around 96%. This means that if you win, say, one thousand dollars, you will get nine hundred and seventy back as your net winnings. The 4% commission makes Starburst one of the best options for gambling. Yes, there are slots with a lower commission, but considering all the features it is all worth it.

How To Play Starburst Slot Machine

The innovative game from NetEnts is presented in numerous biggest online casinos out there. So whenever you see the game, almost automatically it means a casino is a trustworthy place to gamble. All you need to do in order to play Starburst is to find it at a casino among slot games. Since it is one of the most popular slot games ever, you will usually see it at the top of the page. Then, you just click on the game’s banner and select a total amount with a wager, and you are ready to go.

Select The Bet Level (1 – 10)

The range of selection for the level of the bet from 1 to 10. It means that if you set your coin value on one pound with, say, five lines, you would have a five pounds total bet. Whereas you put your bet level on 2, your bet would double and increase to 10 pounds. So when using an option of selecting the bet level, a player can choose how much he is willing to bet on each separate line.

Select The Coin Value (0.01 – 1)

Both the bet level and the coin value allow a player to adjust the wager of a spin gambling at an online casino slot game. Coin value stands for the amount of money you bet for each line. For instance, if your coin value is set on 0.1 pounds, and a slot game has 10 lines, that means each spin would be 0.1 pounds multiplied to the number of lines (10 in this case). It makes the total bet a 1 pound. It is not so rare when a beginner is confused about the difference between the bet level, the coin value and the cost of spin. But once a gambler is getting familiarized with the system, everything becomes clear.

Spin The Reels

Playing Starburst from the best software developer for online casinos NetEnt, you will get the most pleasant experience. The smooth animations combined with sleek design of symbols and icons with thematic background style. All of this to make the process of spinning the reels worth trying.

How Much Can You Win Playing This Slot

It should be noted that slot games are not usually the type of game with the biggest winnings unless you get a jackpot. But what makes millions of people play them is how entertaining they are. The variety of slots is increasing all the time, and thanks to the latest technologies the fun from the games is increasing. However, you can still count on winnings. Everything here will depend only on your luck because slots use random algorithms for the appearance of different symbols. Therefore, we always advise you to play slots first and foremost for entertainment, and not for winning money. With the right approach to the game, you will always have fun and not get upset about not happening to win. Nevertheless, if you still want to try your luck, then pay attention to some details. For example, what bonuses a casino provides for this slot game. And also what features are there in a particular slot game. Playing Starburst you can be sure to have both fun and being able to win some or even hit the jackpot.

Starburst Mobile Design

Starburst Mobile Design

Today, the experience of playing at an online casino on your smartphone is practically no different from the desktop version. This is due to the fact smartphones have become powerful enough to support casino games with good graphics. And since smartphones are compact devices that can be used anytime, anywhere, their share of the online casino market is now significant. In this regard, many software developers, including NetEnt, have well-optimized games for maximum convenience. The mobile version of Starburst looks just as good as its desktop older brother. When playing on your smartphone, you will not sacrifice the graphics, sound, and visual content of the game whatsoever.

Our Starburst Slot Tips

Slot games are so popular and there is no doubt about it. And we can see why: they are exciting to play, fun, have cool soundtracks and visuals, plus there is always a chance of hitting a jackpot. If you want to get the most from playing Starburst slots, we offer you some tips that you might want to follow.

Bet An Amount You’re Comfortable With

Remember that playing slots should always come with fun in the first place. Slots are also one of the most random games, that is why betting too much might not be the wisest decision to make. Betting a reasonable amount will always be the way to go.

Don’t Chase Losses

You have probably heard a lot of stories about people getting misery when chasing losses. Hear it out one more time, because trying to win back the money you have already lost is never a good idea. Many think that they are about to win again and again, but in reality, it always ends up bad.

Bet What You Can Afford To Lose

This advice follows logically from the previous ones. By betting that you are not afraid to lose, you will save yourself from unnecessary stress and even possible gambling addiction. Approach slots and other casino games wisely.

Pros & Cons

Before starting to play slots at an online casino, it would be appropriate to consider its pros and cons. What can you earn and what are you risking to lose and is it worth your time and money?


In this article, we have reviewed one of the most popular slot games from NetEnt, as well as features that should be taken into account when playing. Even though Starburst was first launched back in 2012, it remains one of the best options thanks to continuous improvements from the software developer. The game has one of the highest rates of winnings in terms of frequency, as well as the high rate of RTP (Return to Player).


How Can I Play The Starburst Slot?

You would need to find an online casino that has the game on its list. Then, you will only need to deposit some money, or open a demo account and start playing.

Where Can I Play Starburst Slot?

Many popular online casinos worldwide have the Starburst slot game on their websites and applications for mobile phones.

Can I Play Starburst Slot On Mobile?

Yes, the game is adapted for all smartphone operating systems. It is also well-optimized to bring the best experience for gamblers.

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