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Online RouletteThe gambling market develops rapidly. Today we can see how quickly this industry creates a lot of opportunities for players. An honorable place in the gambling market is occupied by online casinos, in particular online roulettes. They bring players fun, entertainment, and, of course, real money.

Therefore, you could try playing online roulette whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. Once you come to online roulette as a beginner, and then you get invaluable experience and jackpots. You can place online roulette bets just for fun, or you can earn real money by betting. So do not hesitate, and check out our article to learn more about this fascinating game.

Best Casinos To Play Roulette Online 2023

There is a wide variety of legal online roulette casinos in Ireland. Using them, you can play online roulette at any time of the day, and in any location. With or without a deposit, you can start playing online roulette in Irish casinos right now! Our experts have compiled a list of the most reliable gambling sites in Ireland. Additionally, check out the tips and tricks list to succeed in playing online roulette games.

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The basic rule of playing online roulette is finding a reliable casino. By and large, you may pay attention to how to receive winnings, which game the website offers, if it’s licensed or not and, most importantly, what types of bonuses it has.

All things considered, check out our selection of the best Irish online roulette casinos of 2021, choose your favorite and start playing this engaging game right now!

Online Roulette Game Variations

There are several types of online roulette in Ireland. They differ by the size of the wheel, the number of wheels, and the number of slots. Canadian online casinos give you information about the chosen type of online roulette. You can choose a suitable variant from friends’ reviews and your experience. Online roulettes can be provided in live and automated formats. Read the rules of the type of online roulette you have chosen. You should know how many slots are on the wheel, how to make a spin, how to understand whether you’ve won or lost.

The most popular online roulette game variations are:

  • European roulette;
  • French roulette;
  • American Roulette;
  • Mini Roulette;
  • Multi Ball Roulette;
  • Multi Wheel Roulette;
  • Live Dealer Roulette.

European Roulette

European Roulette

Historically, the oldest type of roulette appeared in Europe. And only in the 19th-century did roulette reach America. The European type became the ancestor of other species of roulette. In addition, this species is popular today in the online format. A European roulette wheel counts 37 slots in general. This wheel contains 36 red and black number slots. Additionally, the wheel contains a green zero slot. The order of numbers on the wheel differs from the American roulette wheel.

French Roulette

French Roulette

French roulette gained popularity during the French Revolution and then spread around the world. It provides a standard European wheel (single zero, 36 numbers). All the numbers on a French roulette wheel are white. If you compare this wheel to an American one, the numbers are arranged in a different order.

American Roulette

American Roulette

American roulette appeared later than the European one. But it has gained popularity among the players since. The American version of online roulette is widely popular in Ireland. The wheel is distinguished by a different order of numbers and the presence of a single and double zero. The American wheel has 36 slots with numbers and two slots with zeros.

Mini Roulette

mini roulette

Mini roulette uses a wheel with fewer slots. The roulette wheel contains 12 slots with numbers and 1 zero slot. It is one of the most popular roulettes in online gambling.

Multi Ball Roulette

Multi Ball Online Roulette

Multi-ball roulette is considered to be a more exciting gambling game. There are two or three balls in this game, other more non-standard options are also possible. Online casinos use a European wheel for multi-ball roulette.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette

For thrill-seekers, a multi-wheel roulette is suitable. The game will be interesting for people who are not afraid of a large number of bets. This is a chance to win big and real money. You can play up to eight wheels at the same time.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette offers the highest emulation of live casino games. The game broadcasts in real-time. Therefore, you can see a dealer who manages the game. Live dealer roulette is a catching process to observe. Due to the pandemic, this type of roulette may crowd out offline casino games.

How To Play Roulette Wheel Online

It is easy to start playing roulette wheel online. The majority of players prefer the online format. So you can feel all the delights of the game without leaving your home. You should choose a secure online casino, then register your account. After that, you have to choose the type of online roulette.

You can play online roulette without learning any strategies or tips. Online roulette has simple rules. Therefore, you may learn the information on how to play it right at an online casino. Finally, you can start your game and make real money!

So, you are in a game. You can think over your strategy and place a bet. Then you spin the wheel and get the result of the game. If you win, you will see information about that in your account.

Inside Bets

Inside bets play suits the experienced casino clients. It has lower odds to win, but the winning amount will be higher. Therefore, your payout will be more impressive. Inside bets give you more chances to get rich, but fewer chances to win.

Inside bets involve choosing a slot with a number. These bets are more specific and difficult to win. You have to guess the specific numbers from the slots. This is more challenging than making a generalized bet.

Outside Bets

Playing outside bets increases the chances to win. Nevertheless, its payouts will be lower than playing inside bets. This is a kind of a more forward-looking game.

Outside bets are general predictions, that is, the player bets on the winnings of a black or red slot, an even or odd slot. Such a bet can be winning even for a beginner.

Play Free Or For Real Money – Which Is Better?

You may play for free to learn how to play and work out your strategies. If you play for real money, then you win it. Unfortunately, you cannot play for free and win real money. It is necessary to remember the limits and the state of the bankroll. If you are playing using bankroll, consider your bets and assess the situation soberly.

All Irish gambling players have access to real money winnings. We recommend setting up bet limits. If you play for cash, you will better control your bankroll.

Pros and cons of free games:

  • you can start playing without deposit;
  • you can play for development and educational goals;
  • you cannot monetize your winnings;
  • several types of online roulette are not available for free.

Pros and cons of real money play:

  • access all types of the game without restrictions;
  • real money bets result in real winnings;
  • your deposits and winnings form your bankroll;
  • it will take time and money to place a deposit before starting the game;
  • there is a risk of losing money during the game.

Useful Tips For Winning In Online Roulette Gambling

We advise you to take your time and not fuss while playing. You should evaluate your odds and be aware of the limits of your bankroll. If you are a beginner, choose free online roulette, or start with European roulette. According to research, the odds of winning in European roulette are 3% higher than in American.

Experienced gambling players also recommend starting your game by building your bankroll. Earn your budget with winnings to invest real money in new bets.

An important nuance is the analysis of your game. Calculate the percentage of wins and losses. Keep track of your bets and also keep track of other players’ playing styles. Online roulette designed for multiplayer allows you to evaluate the situation of other players.

Online Casino Roulette Bonuses

Online casino roulette bonus is a great opportunity to start playing for free. Please note, sometimes an online casino will only give out bonuses after you have deposited into your account. Online casino roulette bonuses may depend on your bets, the casino itself, and the type and frequency of play. Every casino offers various roulette bonuses like welcome, mobile, match, and so on.

  • Welcome bonuses. Reputable online casinos in Ireland offer roulette bonuses to newbies. They are also called registration or sign-up bonuses.
  • Mobile bonuses. Sometimes online casinos offer bonuses to users for playing on mobile devices. This is how the casino raises the popularity of its mobile application or the mobile version of the site.
  • No deposit bonuses. The online casino may offer to play online roulette without a deposit. Players use this offer as a bonus. Therefore, you don’t need to invest extra money to start the game.
    Match bonuses. These are bonuses from the amount of the deposit placed by the player. An online casino gives you an additional percentage of your deposit. Sometimes the percentage can even reach 100% or 200%. For instance, if your deposit was $50, you will receive an additional $50 (in the case of a 100% bonus) or $100 (if the match bonus was 200%).

We recommend paying attention to welcome bonuses, they can make a good start for your online roulette game. Additionally, you can form your bankroll, and get some valuable experience.

Odds, Probabilities, And Payouts

Gambling players believe that the odds of winning are slightly higher in European roulette than in American roulette. This is due to the presence of two zeros on the American roulette wheel. Your chances of winning range from 1:38 to 1:2. If you make several bets in one game, your chances of winning are increased. Additionally, chances depend on the online roulette wheel. For instance, the mini roulette wheel has only 13 slots.

Every online casino manages its policy about payouts. Some of the casinos ask for a certain amount of bets from the players. And only then the casino pays out the winnings. It usually takes 1-3 business days.

The Ultimate Roulette Strategies For Irish Players

Irish gambling players should be aware that reputable honest online casinos use random number generators. Therefore, the main strategy of every Irish player is to choose a reliable online roulette platform. Illegal or not honest online casinos use a biased wheel and other fraudulent tricks. Be sure to read the information on how to receive winnings, in which cases they are paid.

  • Andrucci system. Picking lucky numbers method. Players pick numbers with the presumably highest chance of winning. The Andrucci system is used in inside bets.
  • Fibonacci roulette system. This system uses a negative progression wager type based on the Fibonacci series. Additionally, in the case of winning you should decrease your bet, in case of loss you should increase your bet.
  • Labouchere system. It begins with selecting a profit goal. After that, you should place several bets according to the sequence of numbers. In the end, wait for winning and get your profit.
  • Reverse Labouchere system. This system uses a positive bet progression instead of negative as in Labouchere one.
  • Paroli System. For using it you should choose a basic bet, then double it in case of winning. If you lose, you have to return to your basic wager.


Where Can I Play Roulette Online in Ireland?

There are a lot of online casinos in Ireland, which present online roulette games. Choose your favorite online casino by security, quality, and welcome bonuses!

Which Online Roulette Game Variations Are There?

You can choose between European, American, French, Multi-ball, Live dealer, and Multi-wheel online roulettes.

How To Play Roulette Wheel Online?

To begin with, you should choose an online casino and format of online roulette. Secondly, place your bet, then spin the wheel. If you win, you will find the information about this in your online casino account.

Should I Play Free Online Roulette Or For Real Money?

You can play free online roulette for educational or entertainment purposes. Please note that real bets result in real wins. If you are a newbie, you can benefit from your beginner`s luck.

Are There Any Online Casino Roulette Bonuses?

Yes, there are! Most Irish online casinos offer sign-up, mobile, match, and no deposit bonuses. The bonuses also depend on whether you are playing for free or for real money.

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