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Paysafecard online CasinoThere are a lot of ways nowadays of making payments. The choice depends mainly on clients’ desires. Some people use e-wallets, as it is handy. One can manage all the funds from the mobile phone. Other people prefer crypto, as it is progressive. At the same time, there are some ways that seem to be a bit old. Nevertheless, they are rather widespread and popular. One of them is Paysafecard.

Firstly, it is important to mention the origin of the Paysafecard system. It dates back to 2000. The payment option appeared in Austria. Since 2006 the company spread its influence to other countries. After a while, it even reached Ireland. Nowadays the Irish can use the payment service without any restrictions.

Any user from Ireland can use such a payment option. It is legal and absolutely free. It is not connected in fact with the online service. It is important, because sometimes gamblers using e-wallets may appear some problems, like bad gateway and so on. Another reason for paying attention to Paysafecard is anonymity. You just buy a piece of paper. No one will ever know your personality. It seemed rather old-fashioned, but quite safe nowadays.

The basic principles of the service are quite simple. The client buys a card with a certain sum. Then he can pay with this card. The payment can be accepted with the whole sum, or only a part of it can be used. The clients have the opportunity to create a Paysafecard wallet. The user creates the account in the Paysafecard environment. It lets the client maintain all the financial operations. The advantage of such a system is that a client doesn’t need to enter personal data. It is just enough to create a login and password.

Best Irish Paysafecard Casinos 2021

When gamblers enter the gambling sphere, they care about security. One of the safest ways to pay is to use Paysafecard. There are lots of casinos that accept Paysafecard. The main advantage of the option is that no bank information is needed here. People are usually interested if it is possible to make payments without bank information. Some even think that it is a kind of fraud. We state, that this payment method is working pretty nice. Some of the casinos even stimulate gamblers to use Paysafecard. They provide exclusive bonus offers for using it as a deposit method. As it is quite popular among Irish, one can even find lots of free gifts.

Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first €100 + 100FS. Bonus code: NO
5.0 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first €100 + 100FS. Bonus code: NO
5.0 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first €300 + 500FS. Bonus code: NO
5.0 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first €120 + 170FS. Bonus code: NO
5.0 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first $100 + 100FS. Bonus code: FIRSTDEP
2 games
4.8 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first $100 + 100FS. Bonus code: GS100
4.8 rating
Get up to: 200% Bonus Up to first $300. Bonus code: not required
2 games
4.8 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first $100 + 100FS. Bonus code: not required
2 games
4.8 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first $100 + 180FS. Bonus code: NO
2 games
4.8 rating
Get up to: 100% Bonus Up to first $100 + 100FS. Bonus code: No
4.8 rating

The Paysafecard casino provides quite a transparent system of payments. The whole process usually takes a couple of minutes. The gambler needs to buy a card first of all. Then, choose the right casino that accepts Paysafecard. After that one can make an instant deposit with the voucher. The sum will be enrolled into the account within a couple of minutes. It is absolutely safe. Best Irish casinos have lots of payment options. Be sure, that you will be able to find the one that accepts Paysafecard.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Choosing the right casino is not only connected with payment options. It includes lots of other parameters. The gambler must take into account the license, number of slots and games. A system of bonus offers is also worth paying attention to.
These bonuses are usually provided for making the first deposits. The gamblers can even get free spins for playing at the casino. The more options you will find, the larger prize you can get.

A good casino usually provides a big number of games from different operators. The more operators in the casino, the more chances of having a real fair gambling experience. The first step is to pay attention to various ratings. If you don’t know where to play, look at the websites that specialize in casinos reviews. They have detailed information about all the aspects. Then visit the website personally. It is better to test it personally. Besides, you can check if it is legal or not. After that, it will be reasonable to pay attention to the software. Best casinos provide slot machines from world-leading providers. They guarantee fair gambling. Paysafecard online casino is a good way to play without any risks.

Such lists of good online casinos are available in various ratings. Before using this or that casino, learn as much information as possible about it. Learn all the terms and conditions, study payment options, bonuses, etc. Read the comments of real people, who tested a certain casino.

Depositing with Paysafecard

Depositing via Paysafecard is one of the easiest ways to make payments. You need to buy the card with c certain sum. There will be a 16-digit PIN. With it, the gambler can easily make his deposit.

Buy a voucher from a retailer

The question that may appear is where to buy such a magic card. Lots of local outlets have such cards. It is not a problem to buy one. The denominations are available from 10 to 100 Euro. Here is the list, where the card can be bought:

  • Ireland Post;
  • Esso;
  • Daisy Mart;
  • MacEwen;
  • NowPrepay;
  • Wilsons.

This list is not full, some affiliate retailers provide such an option. If you want to know if the card is available in your region, visit a local store and consult the sellers or managers about it.

Get your 16-digit PIN

If you get a card, you can use it in one of Paysafecard Ireland casinos. This pin is 16 numbers that are placed on the card. You need to enter it on the payment page. Besides, users can save these pins in their personal code tool. It is available in a personal Paysafecard account.

Visit the top casinos that accept Paysafe

When everything is ready, you can visit one of the best online casinos that accept such an option. You can enjoy lots of slots, games, including blackjack, baccarat, etc. This way of payment is quite popular in certain countries. It means that all reputable casinos will accept it. There are usually more than 10 means of payment. It usually includes different e-wallets, debit cards, bank transfers and so on. Besides, Paysafecard is often included in the payment list.

How to Withdraw Money with Paysafecard

This is one of the key disadvantages of the system. It is a prepaid option. In fact, the client buys a piece of paper. It is only available for depositing money. Withdrawing here is impossible. It is one of the greatest cons of using this payment option. It is possible to get money on your account, connected to MasterCard. Though, the system itself doesn’t support getting winnings.

Paysafecard Payments Options

According to Paysafecard review, there are two main options of payments via this system. They include prepaid Mastercard function and Bank Transfer. These two means will be observed below.

Paysafecard Prepaid Mastercard

This kind of option is a good choice for those, who don’t want to buy vouchers every time. The problem lies in sums. In Canada, clients can buy vouchers for €100 only. It is quite inconvenient.

The card is available for clients with unlimited accounts. The key point is 1 card for 1 account. Another term is connected with annual payment. The client must have a sum on the account that allows covering annual payment service. Then the client fills in some information. Sometimes the company can ask for identification.
If the car is approved, it will be delivered to the client within 14 days.

Bank Transfer Via Paysafecard

If the client wants to pay via Bank Transfer, it will take only a couple of minutes to complete the operation. The client needs to provide a sort code, account number, state the name of the bank, specify the account holder and IBAN. State the sum and money will be enrolled.

How to Access Wallet Account

First of all, the client will get certain benefits after accessing the wallet account. The first step is to register in the system. It is much better than buying separate vouchers. There are two main ways of how to do it. The client can open the registration form and click the tab Sign Up. Then he needs to state contact details, address and create a username and password.

Another way of registration is to use the phone number and e-mail. This procedure will verify the account. You will get a special message to prove that you are a real account holder.

Accessing the wallet is available using a login and password.

Service Fees and Limits

There are several commission options for Paysafecard. The first is an annual payment. It is equal to $2,5. This sum will be taken from the registered PIN. The sum will be taken only after 18 months. So, the client can use 1.5 years without any payments.

Another kind of payment is a purchase commission. This sum is taken by the seller. It is taken as a commission fee for selling.

A conversion fee is taken in case of exchanging currencies. It is taken when the purchase is done in foreign currencies.
Paysafecard also has some limits. The maximum sum for the transaction is $400. The maximum sum of all the transactions from all the PINs available at the moment is $3500. The total sum for all the PINs within a year is $6000. This is used for preventing clients from illegal actions.

Online deposits

As it is stated, the system allows making online deposits within a short period of time. If the client wants to use this option, he needs to create an account on the official payment system website. Then find the tab deposit and choose Paysafecard. Then state the sum of money you want to deposit. Then fill in 16 digits PIN to complete the operation.


One should remember that Paysafecard is a prepaid system. So, it means that there are no possible ways to cash out with Paysafecard. It is better to look for some other alternative ways.

Paysafecard Casino Bonuses

Paysafecard is quite a popular option for Canadian players. It is rather widespread. Lots of casinos provide the opportunity to use such a method. Besides, using these payment options, gamblers can get a great range of bonus offers. Generally, they don’t need to activate promo codes. The bonus can be activated after using the payment options.

100% match up to $100 bonus based on first deposit of $20.
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Cras in nisi id turpis cursus vulputate. Aliquam at sapien non tellus congue efficitur. Nam scelerisque quam quis link turpis pellentesque, in placerat.

*Integer porttitor malesuada ante, nec aliquet dui pellentesque sit amet. Fusce non pretium lacus.
Bonus Code
100% match up to $100 + 30 free spins bonus based on first deposit of $20.
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dec 31, 2021
100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Cras in nisi id turpis cursus vulputate. Aliquam at sapien non tellus congue efficitur. Nam scelerisque quam quis link turpis pellentesque, in placerat.

*Integer porttitor malesuada ante, nec aliquet dui pellentesque sit amet. Fusce non pretium lacus.

These bonus offers seem to be attractive for gamblers. It is a good chance to use this sum for real money playing at the casino. With this sum of money, the gambler can even fight for the jackpot. Don’t forget about wagering requirements. Paysafecard casino bonus is a good chance to use a secure system and get some pleasant offers.

Pros and Cons of Using Paysafecard

It is clear that the system has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • A reputable service. The service appeared on the market long ago. It has been working properly for a long time. All the problems will be solved easily via customer support.
  • License. The license is easy to check. You can be sure that it is not a scam.
  • Easy purchase of the card. Vouchers are available in many outlets of Ireland.
  • Convenient payments.
  • Transparent operations.
  • Absolute security.
  • Small deposit limits.
  • Inability to withdraw money.

Irish Mobile Casinos That Accept Paysafecard

There are a lot of casinos in Ireland that support Paysafecard. These casinos provide a big number of slots and games. The most convenient function is that the gamblers don’t need to download the app or have a PC at hand. Everything is possible to do via mobile phones.

These casinos also provide no deposit bonuses. At the same time, if you want to find the most secure way of depositing money, it is Paysafecard. Mobile casinos have a big number of payment options. If you find this way a bit inconvenient, you may take another one. Mobile casinos are well-designed nowadays. So, the gamblers will see no difference while playing there. All the slots and games will look the same as on the official website. So, all the gamblers can become winners here.

Live Casinos accepting Paysafecard

Live casino is another representative of the gambling world. Live casino is quite different from online gambling houses. It is a part of it. The gambler can play with real croupiers there. So, it arises more interest for the game. Playing at live casinos with Paysafecard is quite convenient. The idea is the same, you need to buy a voucher for making a pending deposit.

Before playing at live casinos, you need to check if the casino supports such a payment. These options are available in the payment section. So, visit the official website and clarify if it is possible to use Paysafecard.

Paysafecard Alternatives

Paysafecard is quite a convenient payment method. Nevertheless, gamblers can make only deposits with it. It is impossible to get winnings. That is a real problem for the gambling world. Even with good odds in betting, the gambler can only deposit. So, it is time to think about alternative ways.

The best choice can be here various e-wallets. They allow gamblers to get winnings without any problems. Some of them even support cryptocurrencies transactions. It is worth paying attention to Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and some other ways of getting winnings.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to crypto wallets. They seem to be more convenient. Nevertheless, they are connected with the Internet. Though the system is quite safe, it is not safer than using Paysafecard.


Is Paysafecard accepted at all online casinos?

Unfortunately, not all casinos accept this way of payment. At the same time, the number of them is constantly increasing. It is possible to find a good one.

Are Paysafecard Casinos Legal??

All these casinos are absolutely legal. This question is still worth discussing. The problem in most cases is connected not with the payment option, but with the legality of gambling in a certain country.

How do you make a deposit with Paysafecard?

First of all, you buy a voucher. Then you need to activate a 16-PIN to enrol money to the gambling account. You will see a notification when the money is enrolled.

How to withdraw the money using Paysafecard?

This is the main problem. Unfortunately, withdrawals with Paysafecard are not available

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Paysafecard?

The maximum sum available for deposits is 100 CAD. At the same time, you can use several vouchers. Then the sum can be increased.

Do Paysafecard payments incur any additional costs?

When you use Paysafecard, you will have to pay some money. It is necessary if you use a prepaid MasterCard system.
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