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Jackpot slot from the microgaming provider. Play with a $100 bonus or for free

Pure adrenaline and huge winnings – jackpot slots are the perfect option if you’re looking for a true gambling experience. Join the army of passionate gamers and enjoy high-quality slots from the world’s leading providers.

Best Jackpot Slots to Play in Ireland

Get your daily dose of emotions with our selection of top slots. The gaming world offers hundreds of titles, so choosing the best ones is a skill honed by years of experience in the industry. All picks from our list offer a wide range of benefits to enjoy, including:

  • Bonus spins. Just think of it: together with a chance to hit the jackpot, you also get an opportunity to do it without spending a penny.
  • Safe and fair gambling. Each title has been tested countless times.

Mega Fortune

Mega fortune jackpot slot

Created by NetEnt, the slot is all about rich life. The interface is pretty simple to figure out – a 3×4 playing field, a control console, and 25 fixed pay lines across five reels. The list of special symbols includes:

  • Wild in the form of a ship that replaces other symbols, except for Scatter and Bonus, giving the largest multiplier of 10,000;
  • Bonus represented by a roulette wheel that triggers (who would’ve thought!) the wheel of fortune bonus game;
  • Scatter that comes as a champagne bottle that triggers free spins with an additional multiplier from x1 to x5.

The best thing about this game is an opportunity to win any amount, even during a bonus round. The total bet per spin typically ranges from 25 to 100 coins, and the RTP is 96.6%.

Mega Moolah Goddies

mega moolah

This is your classic slot with 5 reels and 25 pay lines and a variety of bonus features. With some luck, you’ll land two or three bonus spins. In addition to them, the pokie comes with the wheel of fortune.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams slot

This one’s pretty simple and fun at the same time. You get 5 traditional reels that have 20 fixed lines and 3 rows. The player is free to set a coin value from 0.01 to 1. The main theme of the Mega Fortune Dreams follows the luxurious life a gambler dreams of, with icons like handbags, rings, and champagne on the background of a chic yacht adding to the atmosphere. Overall, there are 2 categories of symbols. The first one includes signs with special functions, and the second – with thematic ones.

Arabian Nights

Arabian nights slots jackpot

Another top title created by NetEnt, Arabian Nights takes you back to the middle-age east. The game features five reels and 10 active lines. Among the symbols, you’ll see a camel, a sword, a fez, a tent, Aladdin’s lamp, playing cards valuing ​​from 9 to ace, and other thematic images. The slot is more about fun than graphics, so don’t expect to see fancy animations.
The Wild symbol (a guy with a mustache) replaces other images, doubling the amount of the prize. Five wilds on an active pay line together with the maximum bet is how you win a jackpot. Aladdin’s lamp acts as the Scatter symbol that’s not tied to pay lines.

The Winnings of Oz

The Winnings of Oz jackpot slots

Developed by Ash Gaming, The Winnings of Oz is based on the famous fairy tale we all know and love. You’re in for some exciting gameplay, high-quality design, and hefty bonuses. Apart from that, the game is similar to other titles – 5 reels with 25 active lines. The interface is quite simple, so even a beginner will pick up on the basics.

How Do Jackpot Slots Work

Basically, jackpot casino slots work just like ordinary ones. The pokies are stored on the provider’s servers, and the venue acts as a middle man. The website doesn’t have access to the slot settings, so it can’t tinker with the software, serving only as a cash register (deposits and withdrawals), arranging bonus programs for players.

When you hit the “Spin” button, the game starts a random number generator (complex mathematical algorithms) to calculate the combination on the screen.

Playing a jackpot slot is somewhat similar to participating in a lottery, with the operator taking from 1.5 to 10% of the prize pool. All bets made in a particular slot game are summed up, and the luckiest of gamblers claim them as jackpots.

Jackpot Slots Types

Quite often, you may find gaming sites with slots divided by jackpot types. Yes, there are several of them, and their basic principles mostly remain the same, but the way they’re formed is unique for each type. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


As the name implies, a fixed jackpot is a certain cash amount that doesn’t change, regardless of how many people play the slot. To win it, you need to collect a combination of symbols on the lines and meet all the conditions required for claiming your prize.


Every time you spin a progressive slot, a certain portion of your bet becomes part of a progressive jackpot. Usually, this part doesn’t exceed 3-5% (although the exact numbers may differ and depend on the provider).

The more players spin the progressive slot, the larger the prize pool becomes. Overall, the jackpot must meet the following conditions to be considered progressive:

  • The prize fund is gradually increasing (its size isn’t fixed);
    Each spin makes a small contribution to the huge total prize pool;
  • The winnings are random, and each player who spins a progressive slot can hit the jackpot;
  • In case you didn’t know, the size of your bet directly affects the chances of hitting the jackpot. And of course, the higher the bet, the greater the chances too.


Every local jackpot is progressive at the same time, so all the previous characteristics apply to it as well. It’s also formed gradually, each spin contributes, and it’s won randomly. However, there are certain features that set local jackpot apart from other types:

  • It’s formed only for a specific slot in a specific online casino;
  • Because of this, its amount isn’t as impressive, but it’s easier to win.

Usually, local jackpots are used by online casinos as a marketing tool. That’s why every venue sets its own rules regarding them, and it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the user agreement before playing. Some casinos have separate sections for local jackpot slots.


This type is among the most popular, primarily because of the huge pools. Game providers sell licenses for their products to gaming websites, enjoying a share of the profits. Thus, providers (their numbers are growing by the day, so the competition is fierce) are genuinely interested in people playing their slots. That’s where network jackpots come in handy. Their basic principles are mostly the same as in any progressive jackpot, except for one difference. All gamblers make a tiny contribution to the game’s cash pool, regardless of the casino they play it on. So any gambler who plays Mega Moolah forms its pool.

The amount of a network jackpot reaches enormous numbers (up to several million) thanks to the large audience.

How to Pick a Good Jackpot Slot

If you’ve already played all the pokies from our list, or you’re just a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are hundreds of jackpot slots online, so it won’t take long to find one to your liking. Here’s what you should consider when hunting for a perfect slot.

Look For Bonus Features

Almost all slots offer various extra features activated by special symbols like multipliers or free spins. Take your time to read the description of the slot to see what features it has.

Consider the Jackpot

Like we mentioned earlier, there are different types of jackpots, and each of them comes with different chances of winning. For instance, hitting a local jackpot is a bit easier than a network one, but the latter boasts a bigger prize pool.

Look Into RTP and Volatility

Now, here’s where things get a little more complicated. Each slot has a certain RTP (Return to Player) rate, which basically tells how much you can win. It’s expressed in a percentage, and you can find various numbers, like 95% or 96%. They mean that for every dollar you bet, the game will return you 95 or 96 cents respectively.

Volatility is the frequency of hitting winning combinations. If the volatility is high, the payouts are high too, but the lucky combinations are rare. Low volatility means frequent wins, but the amounts are smaller. Neither of the options gives you an edge. All in all, you choose which one suits you better.

How to Play

Despite such a huge variety of pokies out there, the basic gameplay is the same. You have a screen with several buttons for setting the bet amount, the coin value, the autoplay mode, and of course, the “Spin” button. Every time you start a round, the game returns a certain result in the form of a combination across several lines. The game automatically detects winning ones. There are several strategies that may improve your chances a bit, but luck is still the major player.

What Are Jackpot Slot Bonuses

When playing, you’ll occasionally hit combinations that trigger bonuses. Besides that, the venue you play at probably has a few offers you can benefit from when spinning the reels of a jackpot slot. Most casino bonuses come down to:

  • Bonus games. Often these are guessing games or simple card games allowing you to multiply your winnings.
  • Casino bonuses. The venue may give you a few free spins for performing a certain action, from simply registering to leaving a comment or downloading an app.
  • Free Spins. These let you enjoy jackpot slots for free. Most games have special symbols that trigger free rounds.

Top Software Providers

Game development is a complicated process, requiring a tremendous amount of resources and the latest technologies. That’s why online casinos buy software from game providers who create games and make sure they’re safe to play. The top three places in all ratings go to:


It’s the most reputable provider with nearly 30 years of experience and more than 400 gaming sites using their software worldwide. The choice of games developed by the company ranges from online slots to table and live dealer games for all available platforms, with the RTP around 64%-96%.


It took 20 years for a small Estonian company to become one of the world’s leading game developers. The collection of games it provides includes all sorts of games, with more than 500 titles in the library. Gamblers love Playtech games for top-notch graphics, colorful styles, and fun gameplay. The company uses innovative safety protocols to guarantee fair gaming.


Even if you’re only a beginner, you’ve probably heard this name. The key feature of its gaming products is a total difference from the canons of gameplay. Among other things, the provider was the first to introduce collapsing symbols instead of spinning reels.

Pros & Cons of Playing Jackpot Slots Online

Like other game types, jackpot pokies have benefits and downsides. We’ve put together a few things to consider:

The pros

  • Huge prize pools reaching 5 million USD;
  • Free spins with multipliers;
  • All gamers have equal chances to win;
  • Entertainment for mobile users.

The cons

  • Not all games offer cutting-edge graphics;
  • Small max bet amounts.

Final Words

That’s pretty much all you need to know to embark on your gambling adventure and grab yourself a sweet progressive jackpot. But before you start playing, make sure the venue you picked is reliable. Then find a slot with a decent RTP, spin the wheel, and get rich.


How Do Jackpot Slots Actually Work?

All slots are based on random number generators to calculate the combination you’ll get. Jackpot pokies take a portion of your bet to form a prize pool a lucky player can claim.

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

These are pools that grow bigger over time, as more and more players contribute to them.

What Are Fixed Jackpots?

These are prizes set directly by a venue. Their amounts always remain unchanged, no matter how many gamblers play the slots related to them.

Can I Use Bonuses on Jackpot Slots?

That depends on the venue. Each website sets unique rules, and you can even find a free jackpot slot and win big without spending a penny.